Our Story

Where Our Story Began

Since Doug built the first Tiny Home with NOAH to ensure it was built to the highest quality standards, it was decided to continue with that relationship and all Beechwood Tiny’s would be NOAH certified. This partnership ensures your tiny will be more easily accepted, insured and if required, financed. Beechwood also joined Tiny Home Industry Association (THIA) and is part of our local Chamber of Commerce as well.

tiny home certified

Our owner Doug Smith has always had his hands in building something. He spent 6 years serving our country, drove a truck for a bit and worked in the technology industry for many years. He sits on his local Planning Board and was recently asked to chair the town’s Broadband Committee. He volunteered as an assistant Boy Scout leader for a few years.

A bit from our owner Doug:

It all started as I was watching the Tiny Home/Minimalist programs. I began to realize this lifestyle; the minimalist lifestyle was one I wanted to embrace. I was working from home behind a desk and decided I would take my prior experience in construction along with my knowledge of legal trailers from my time driving a truck and build a tiny home. Initially we began building as a hobby and for use as a second home and/or Airbnb in order to share this experience with others. After building our first tiny home we realized it would be better to sell it. During that process there was a lot of interest in building them for others as they liked my work. After an acquisition resulting in many workers having their positions eliminated, I took a moment to reflect and concluded that I wanted to build tiny homes and help others enjoy and embrace this lifestyle.

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